Latino Families in New Mexico Should Reject the Status Quo and Demand More School Choice

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Hispanic families – and all families in New Mexico – desperately need more educational options than the traditional public schools. And while other states around the nation have been enacting various forms of school choice, from tax-credit scholarship to education savings accounts, New Mexico has been falling behind when it comes to providing the neediest students with a way of …

Send Us Back? Your Loss

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Those who try to convince us that immigration is a zero-sum game have polarized the immigration policy debate, framing the issue as if every immigrant who comes to the U.S. takes something that does not belong to them. Nothing could be further from the truth.

Avoiding the Bankruptcy of America: Dispelling Myths

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The federal budget – and related debt and deficit — is rarely framed as a uniquely “Hispanic” or “minority” issue. But while immigration and education often come to mind when we think of which policies touch the lives of U.S. Hispanics most deeply, issues relating to the federal budget should rank among the top.

When Going to College Looks Like Climbing Mount Everest

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A college education has never before been so instrumental in helping U.S. students achieve economic prosperity. However, for many low-income and non-traditional Hispanic students, going to college remains a seemingly insurmountable challenge, especially because there are so many factors that influence a decision that carries a huge economic burden.