How Hispanics will flourish and thrive in freedom in the 21st century

The LIBRE Institute Hispanic Heritage Month

We spoke with Jeffrey Baldwin (center), our strategic director for North Carolina, about his Hispanic heritage, how he sees Hispanics flourishing in freedom, and why Hispanics will be the great entrepreneurs of the 21st century. “The entrepreneurial spirit is in the DNA of the Hispanic community in the U.S.” he said. Why are you proud to be Hispanic? I am …

Why Hispanics are now emerging as a cultural and economic force

The LIBRE Institute Hispanic Heritage Month

Leandro Ruiz-Fernandez, LIBRE's grassroots engagement director who shares why Hispanics are emerging as a cultural and economic force.

We spoke with Leandro Ruiz-Fernandez, our grassroots engagement director, about his Hispanic heritage, the challenges facing the Hispanic community in the U.S., and how he sees Hispanics contributing to the country and pursuing their American Dream today. “We are becoming a major cultural and economic powerhouse,” he said. Why are your proud to be Hispanic? I am proud to be …

NEW: “Siempre Saliendo Adelante” Campaign Launches During Hispanic Heritage Month

Kennedy LeFave Hispanic Heritage Month

Campaign will highlight the resilience of our community, & elevate solutions to on-going barriers Latinos face (Arlington, VA) —Today, on the start of Hispanic Heritage Month, The LIBRE Institute announced the kick-off of the “Siempre Saliendo Adelante”campaign (Always Moving Forward) which will highlight the resilience of of Latinos across the county while also elevating ideas and solutions to on-going barriers our …

Hispanic Heritage Month: Siempre Saliendo Adelante

Ivette Diaz Hispanic Heritage Month

Hispanic Heritage Month: Saliente Siempro Adelante

While many things have been uncertain in 2022, the bright future of Hispanic individuals and communities around the U.S. has been anything but. Hispanics are reaching new heights this year as a powerhouse of the American economy. Latino and Hispanic Americans are starting more businesses than any other ethnic group in the U.S., serving our country in greater numbers each …

History Illustrates Why Free Speech in America Matters to Hispanics

Daniel Garza Hispanic Heritage Month

It’s been nearly 30 years since Ronald Reagan created Hispanic Heritage Month to honor Hispanics in the United States and the many ways they have enriched its culture, economy and traditions. Since then, the U.S. Hispanic population has grown to 58.6 million. Most Latinos move to the United States to pursue their American Dream, while remaining dedicated to faith, family and their strong work ethic. U.S. Hispanics can best achieve …