Hispanic Heritage Month: Siempre Saliendo Adelante

Ivette Diaz Hispanic Heritage Month

Hispanic Heritage Month: Saliente Siempro Adelante

While many things have been uncertain in 2022, the bright future of Hispanic individuals and communities around the U.S. has been anything but.

Hispanics are reaching new heights this year as a powerhouse of the American economy. Latino and Hispanic Americans are starting more businesses than any other ethnic group in the U.S., serving our country in greater numbers each and every year, and joining the workforce in unprecedented numbers.

That’s why this Hispanic Heritage Month, The LIBRE Institute is not only excited to celebrate the culture and contributions of Hispanic Americans across the country — but also the steadfast resilience our community has embodied this year in particular.

Here’s what you should know about Hispanic Heritage Month and the achievements of Hispanic Americans we are celebrating this year:

How did Hispanic Heritage Month get its start?

Hispanic Heritage Month originally began as Hispanic Heritage Week, a holiday declared by President Lyndon Johnson in 1968. However, President Ronal Reagan determined that this holiday deserves more than a week of celebration.

In 1988, President Reagan extended the holiday into a full 30 days, from September 15 to October 15. These dates also coincide with many Independence Day celebrations in Latin America, including those of Costa Rica, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, Nicaragua, Mexico, Belize, and Chile.

What is being celebrated during Hispanic Heritage Month in 2022?

For LIBRE, the 2022 celebration of Hispanic Heritage Month is all about celebrating our community’s resilience. In 2022, Americans have faced unprecedented challenges stemming from spiraling inflation.

However, the Hispanic community faced these challenges head on, pursuing the American Dream in spite of adversity and progressing regardless of circumstances. Here are a few examples of priceless contributions we’ve made to our country and communities this year:

Hispanics are powering the U.S. economy

By 2025, Hispanics will likely contribute more to our GDP growth than non-Hispanics. That comes as no surprise considering 74% of new workers in the U.S. are Hispanic and the Latino workforce has grown by 250% in the last 25 years.

According to Stanford, Latino owned businesses grew stronger through the Pandemic through adaptation and innovation and continue to outpace their counterparts in starting small businesses with 44% growth in the last 10 years compared to 4% for non-Latinos.

These numbers are just a few of the statistics that show our community’s drive and determination to achieve the American Dream, even under the present economic hardships.

Hispanics are shaping our nation

Hispanic Americans shape America through our work ethic, strong community bonds, and cultural contributions in music, literature, and cuisine — but also civically through the political positions we run for and the candidates we vote for.

Part of celebrating Hispanic Heritage Month is also celebrating the political resilience Hispanic Americans bring to our nation. Hispanic Americans are demanding more from elected officials as inflation skyrockets and running for office far more frequently than ever. There are now 52 Hispanic officials in Congress, and Hispanics are projected to become more than one-quarter of the eligible electorate in Nevada and Florida by 2036!

Individual successes of Hispanic Americans in 2022

Throughout the month, The LIBRE Institute will be highlighting the stories of our staff and how resiliency has impacted their own journeys and led to impressive successes.

By reading their stories, you’ll learn more about how you can be a part of breaking down barriers so even more Hispanic Americans can discover and develop their unique gifts before next year’s Hispanic Heritage Month!

Join us this in celebrating our community’s resilience and determination that has us siempre saliendo adelante.

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