How Hispanics will flourish and thrive in freedom in the 21st century

The LIBRE Institute Hispanic Heritage Month

We spoke with Jeffrey Baldwin (center), our strategic director for North Carolina, about his Hispanic heritage, how he sees Hispanics flourishing in freedom, and why Hispanics will be the great entrepreneurs of the 21st century. “The entrepreneurial spirit is in the DNA of the Hispanic community in the U.S.” he said.

Why are you proud to be Hispanic?

I am proud to be Hispanic because we are a colorful, passionate, energetic, and happy culture.  Music, family, festivals, and celebrating the wonders of life, even in desperate circumstances, is just part of our culture.

What does it mean to be Hispanic to you?

To me, being Hispanic means that we are a global race and culture. In the aggregate, Hispanic ancestry and culture are from every race: Asian, Caucasian, and African and every culture; indigenous, European, Asian, and African.

What are some of the biggest contributions Hispanics  have made that you are proud of? 

There are many, including mathematics, agriculture, astronomy, and textiles.

The one I am most proud of are the economic contributions that began with the School of Salamanca in the sixteenth century that were the principles and foundations of the Enlightenment and the cause of individual freedom and the advancement of humanity.

Where do you see the Hispanic community making strides in the U.S. today?

The entrepreneurial spirt is in the DNA of the Hispanic community of the U.S.

The memory of the corruption and failures of socialism is alive in every Hispanic immigrant family. The courage to leave everything behind; language, culture, family, and home, for the hope and promise of freedom and opportunity requires the spirit of an adventurer, the innate characteristic of an entrepreneur.

By eliminating barriers to opportunity and bringing innovation and excellence to education, the Hispanic community will use its work ethic and strong families to flourish and thrive in freedom.

What, in your opinion, are the biggest challenges facing Hispanics in the U.S. today?

The barriers to economic opportunity from crushing taxes and regulations combined with a failed government education system that emphasis division instead of excellence.

How do you see the Hispanic community growing and contributing in the future?  Where do you see it continuing to grow?

With the combination of a strong work ethic, nuclear families, unwavering faith, adventurer’s spirit, and willingness to take risk, the Hispanic community will be the great entrepreneurs of the 21st century, provided they secure the promise of freedom that prosperity and human flourishing requires.

What’s your favorite part about working for LIBRE?

As a child, I grew up amidst the poverty and hopelessness of socialism and civil war. As an adult, I sought out the answers as to why such conditions exist.

As a student, I obtained master’s degrees in economics, political economy, business administration, and management from the best universities in the U.S., Latin America, and Europe.

As a LIBRE leader, I get to put that experience, knowledge, and training to work every day and see the phenomenal results in real time. At LIBRE, I am surrounded by a dedicated and capable support team that helps me and the Hispanic community realize the wonders of freedom and the American Dream.

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