The LIBRE Institute Announces National School Choice Week Events

Daniel Garza Education

(Washington, D.C.) – Beginning on January 21, teachers, families, students, and others will commemorate National School Choice Week around the country. National School Choice Week was established in 2011 to help raise awareness about educational options available to help students succeed, and to highlight the benefits of school choice. Tens of thousands of events have been held around the nation …

Crushing Debt Forcing Hispanics to Delay American Dream

Roberto Gutierrez Education

That number has risen to 35 percent, now with an estimated 2.3 million Hispanic students attending either two or four-year colleges. Yet, with rising enrollment comes the burden of paying the rising cost of tuition, and for many Hispanics, this is beginning to put the American Dream out of reach.

Involved Parents Hold the Key to Academic Success

Ivette Diaz Education

As the summer days become shorter and school supplies begin lining stores in anticipation for fall, many parents will soon begin planning for the start of the new school year. In addition to the new school clothes and colorful folders for students, parents should not forget to plan for their involvement in their child’s education itself.

Thousands to Rally in Defense of School Choice in Florida

Payton Alexander Education, Florida

In a major demonstration tomorrow in Tallahassee, thousands of parents, students, teachers, activists, and faith leaders are expected to rally in protest of a controversial lawsuit targeting Florida’s private school voucher program, which provides scholarships to children from low-income families.

When Going to College Looks Like Climbing Mount Everest

Valerio Martinelli Economic Prosperity, Education

A college education has never before been so instrumental in helping U.S. students achieve economic prosperity. However, for many low-income and non-traditional Hispanic students, going to college remains a seemingly insurmountable challenge, especially because there are so many factors that influence a decision that carries a huge economic burden.