SW Business Summit Panel Sessions

Daniel Garza Economic Prosperity, New Mexico

The energy industry is critical to the US and Southwest economies. The industry has a large impact on jobs as well as taxes paid to the local and national governments. Energy production and policies also impact our national security. Energy experts will explore these topics and more on today’s panel.

The LIBRE Institute Hosts Southwest Business Summit: Strategies for Economic Prosperity May 18-19

Daniel Garza Economic Prosperity, New Mexico

The LIBRE Institute (LIBRE), a 501c3 nonpartisan and nonprofit organization that raises public awareness, provides empowerment resources, and serves as a source of information on the most pressing economic issues of our time, primarily to the U.S. Hispanic community, will host the Southwest Business Summit: Strategies for Economic Prosperity on May 18th and 19th in Albuquerque, NM.

U.S. Latinas Are Taking Their Futures into Their Own Hands

Payton Alexander Economic Prosperity

A quality education is key to achieving the American Dream, and Latina women are increasingly taking charge of their own destiny. Lower educational attainment can be an obstacle in many areas of life, leading to lower employment, higher poverty rates, and lower income, which underscores the importance of education to the wellbeing of the Hispanic community.

Hispanics and the Ballot Box: How Latinos Affected the 2014 Election

Daniel Garza Economic Prosperity

The U.S. Hispanic population is on the rise and its impact on American politics is growing. Beyond the traditional states of Arizona, California, Florida, New Mexico, and Texas, the Hispanic electorate is poised to make significant impacts on elections in other states with high Hispanic population growth – such as North Carolina, Colorado, Illinois, and Alaska.