SW Business Summit Panel Sessions

Daniel Garza Economic Prosperity, New Mexico

Energy Policies: Powering up or Short Circuiting the Economy?

The energy industry is critical to the US and Southwest economies. The industry has a large impact on jobs as well as taxes paid to the local and national governments. Additionally, energy affects our everyday living costs in terms of transportation and the costs to heat our homes and businesses. Energy production and policies also impact our national security. Energy experts will explore these topics and more on today’s panel.

Trade With Mexico: Opportunities For Business Growth

Ever consider expanding your business beyond our borders? How about partnering with businesses who want to do business in Mexico or bring their goods and services to the US? You will hear from leaders in the private sector, public sector and academics discuss practical tips and solutions on how to conduct Trade with Mexico as well as the economic impact Trade contributes to the national and local economies.

Regulations Stranglehold on Economic Prosperity

Federal Regulations alone cost small businesses over $10,000 a year per employee in time and money. The costs of local and state regulations only exacerbate the burdens on small business thereby hindering small business startups, business expansion, job growth and additional societal contributions to our economy and our society. Today’s experts will explore the cost of regulations, some of the causes as well as provide some examples of government overreach at both the local and national levels.

Unique Business Development Opportunities In The Southwest

Businesses large and small are always looking for new opportunities to expand their customer base or expand their businesses in general. Experts from the pipeline energy industry, the gaming sector and aerospace will provide additional background on these industries, offer insight on how to do business in these industries and give advice on some of the current opportunities.