2020 Hispanic MVP Report Quantifies Importance of Latino Vote

Kennedy LeFave Press Releases

(Arlington, VA) – Today The LIBRE Institute released the 2020 edition of the Hispanic Margin of Victory Project (Hispanic MVP) report. This report projects Hispanic turnout for races in the House of Representatives and Senate around the country, based on recent history. It also notes the margin of victory in recent races. Based on these data points, this year’s report identifies a number of key House and Senate races where the Hispanic vote may prove decisive.

Key findings:

  • Nationally, Hispanics account for 13.1% of the eligible voter population. In 10 of the twelve races profiled in this report, Hispanics account for a larger share of the eligible voter population than the national rate.
  • Congressional districts where Hispanics account for especially large shares of the eligible voter population include California-21 (62.8%), Florida-26 (68.3%), and New Mexico-02 (48.5%).
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View the 2020 Hispanic MVP Report HERE

Daniel Garza, President of The LIBRE Institute, released the following statement:

“With each passing year, the voice of the Latino community becomes more and more influential in American culture and politics. In recent years, the Hispanic MVP report has done a great job of identifying key races in which the Latino community – through the power of the vote – may decide who represents a state or district. It will be critical for candidates of any party to win the support of Latinos by showing that they are listening, and they have a plan to make the lives of those constituents better.”


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