More Opportunities Help Children Succeed!

Daniel Garza Education

Did you know this week is National School Choice Week?

Every year, thousands around the country take a few days to celebrate the educational opportunities available for families and students. It’s a great time to learn more about new innovations in education and celebrate our children’s futures.

From Florida to Nevada and Texas to Wisconsin, The LIBRE Institute is giving Hispanic families the information and resources they need so they can make the best educational decisions for their children.

Educational opportunities are helping Hispanic families give their children a bright future. Just ask Ramona Carrasco!

Ramona’s youngest daughter, Bianca, has special needs. At first, Bianca followed the path of her older sisters who thrived in public school. But Ramona didn’t feel that Bianca was getting the care she needed to meet her specific needs.

Thankfully, Ramona lives in a state with plenty of educational opportunities for students such as Bianca and was able to use Arizona’s Empowerment Scholarship Account program to access options that work better for her daughter.

Bianca is doing better than ever in school because Ramona had the freedom to customize her education.

Ramona’s girls are all unique, just like all children. That’s why the freedom to find a school that works for every child is so great!

More opportunity and more options prepare our children to take their shot at the American Dream. Let us know you support more opportunity for families and students!