The LIBRE Institute Completes Back to School Events

Daniel Garza Education



(Arlington, VA) – This weekend the staff and volunteers of The LIBRE Institute completed a series of events that will help kids in local communities around the country to prepare for the start of the new school year. These back to school events were held in a range of states, including Nevada, Georgia, Virginia, New Mexico, Colorado, and Texas. Students who attended received backpacks and other school supplies, and learned about the educational options available to them in their states.

Daniel Garza, President of The LIBRE Institute, released the following statement:

“Latino families understand that the best way to prepare our kids to succeed in life is to ensure they start with a quality education. With that as a foundation, and with hard work in a free society, all of us can achieve the American Dream. The LIBRE Institute has been proud to hold back to school events annually, in Latino communities around the country, to help make sure our kids are prepared to succeed – and to give families the best information possible on the options available to them to ensure their kids get a world-class education.”

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