This Mom Is Leaving a Legacy of Education and Freedom for Her Children.

Daniel Garza Arizona

Carmen Lopez is excited to be leaving an inheritance behind for her children – the inheritance of a good education. 

In a new video, Lopez says of her children, “with education, they will have their doors open and the opportunity to do whatever they want in this life.” Lopez is providing her son and daughter with access to their American Dream. 

Lopez’s family lives in Arizona, where her children can take advantage of open enrollment. This means that if the school her children attend isn’t fitting their needs, she can move them to a better school. And that’s exactly what she did. 

Watch Lopez’s story here.

Lopez wants what is best for her children. She wants them to get a quality education in a school that is nurturing and challenges her kids to reach their potential. Open enrollment and education freedom allow her to fulfill her dream of a bright future for her children.  

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