Hispanic Jobs Report November 2017

The LIBRE Institute Jobs Reports

Today the Bureau of Labor Statistics released the employment report for November, showing that the economy added 228,000 new jobs during the month. This strong report also shows the overall national unemployment rate stable at 4.1 percent, and Hispanic unemployment falling to a reported record low of 4.7 percent.

“Public policies set in Washington are expected to see significant changes in the months ahead. Policymakers must remember that a long-term problem in the economy has been a lack of entry-level opportunities, as government regulations and mandates make it costlier and more difficult for small businesses to hire new staff. These opportunities are often critical for Latinos, and for workers who need to acquire and develop new skills. As new approaches are debated, our representatives must keep this in mind.”

– Daniel Garza, President, LIBRE Institute

Check November’s report here: