The Truth About Four Common Charter School Myths

Daniel Garza Colorado

Charter schools have a bad rap. There are several misconceptions about charter that may cast a negative light on what is really a positive opportunity for families, teachers and students.

As part of The LIBRE Institute’s initiative in Colorado, we are trying to spread the truth about school choice.

Below is a fact-checked list of some of the most popular charter school myths. Check it out!

Myth 1: Charter schools are not public schools.

Fact: Charter schools are public schools too! These schools are publicly funded by the government and administered independently. Charter schools operate with more flexibility to create innovative learning environments while continuing to be held to a high standard of accountability.

Myth 2: Charter schools have high tuition rates.

Fact: Charter schools don’t have tuition rates! Just like traditional public schools, they are funded in accordance with enrollment levels and receive public funds on a per pupil basis. Charter schools must demonstrate performance in the areas of academic achievement, financial management and organizational stability. If a charter school does not meet performance goals, it may be closed.

Myth 3: Charter schools have high admission standards or only pick the best students in a district.

Fact: Charter schools accept every student they can. Charter schools in Colorado serve a broad range of students, including low-income students, racial and ethnic minorities, and students with disabilities or other special needs. Enrollment figures show charter school in Colorado are more racially diverse than the students who attend traditional public schools.

Myth 4: Charter schools are only for wealthy families.

Fact: Over half of charter school students come from low-income families. According to the latest research, students who are both low-income and Black or Hispanic, or who are both Hispanic and English Language Learners, especially benefit from charter schools, and gains for these sub-populations amount to months of additional learning per year.

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