The U.S. Has an Incarceration Problem

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The U.S. Has an Incarceration Problem

(Washington, D.C.) –The United States has less than five percent of the world’s population, but nearly a quarter of the world’s prison population. According to a recent White House study, Blacks and Hispanics comprise over 50 percent of those in prison in our country. This presents an array of problems for society as a whole. Job applicants with criminal records were 50 percent less likely to receive an interview request or job offer. There’s a higher probability that the families of incarcerated individuals live in poverty. The financial and humanitarian costs to the country call for review by policymakers to ensure the law is fair. Nonviolent and less serious offenders should have a fair chance to fully contribute to society after they complete their penalties.

Daniel Garza, President and Chairman for The LIBRE Institute, released the following statement:

“The problem of over-criminalization is putting our families at risk. This is not because society has become more dangerous. However, the number of people imprisoned per crime committed has increased steadily for years. Many civil violations have been turned into criminal offenses – straining our justice system, creating barriers to opportunity for those who are committed to good behavior after having paid their debt to society and burdening local, state, and federal budgets. Reforming the criminal justice system would provide an enormous benefit to the nation as a whole.”

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