Addressing the Problem of Higher Education Costs at the Root

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Addressing the Problem of Higher Education Costs at the Root

(Washington D.C.) – As the problem of rising costs of higher education looms larger each day, lawmakers are considering promising policy proposals that may reduce costs and save taxpayer dollars. One such idea includes reforming the college accreditation process to encourage innovation and make it easier for students to customize their education experience to fully reach their potential. Another includes limiting taxpayer subsidies for higher education — subsides that lead schools and universities to raise costs dramatically. A Congressional committee recently heard testimony on proposals like these, as part of an ongoing effort to identify the best ideas to help students and families, and control costs.

Marilinda García, National Spokesperson for The LIBRE Institute, released the following statement:

“The federal government has to recognize the limits – and the inherent problems – of policies based around subsidies. The average cost for tuition, room and board at four-year colleges and universities has increased by 28 percent over the last seven years. And still we see advocates pushing for higher aid instead of focusing at the underlying issues of the rising costs.

We all want to expand access to higher education, and ensure that students who want a college education can afford one. But the results are clear: ‘easy’ government money in the form of subsidies is driving up costs, and saddling the next generation with greater and greater student debt. At a time when access to information has never been easier or less expensive — thanks in large part to the growth of innovative web-based learning platforms – it should be simple to find solutions that control costs and help students and taxpayers alike. But if we keep turning to subsidies we’ll just keep repeating the same mistakes. It’s time to take an approach that mirrors our advancements in education and puts control back in the hands of students.”

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