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The LIBRE Institute – Colorado helps the Hispanic community achieve their American Dream – driving progress for themselves, their families and their communities. We believe that freedom drives progress and that the values of faith, family, education, and hard work that yield economic prosperity are the same values that lead to the American Dream. We are dedicated to informing our community on the policies and principles that drive progress, as well as providing education and tools to overcome barriers so that all Hispanics that call the U.S. home can achieve their full potential. Our organization provides a variety of events, information, and resources to help our community break down barriers and reach their goals. We do this by empowering Hispanics to achieve the American Dream for themselves, their families, and their communities. Freedom drives progress.

What We Do


We believe that education is the gateway to achieving the American Dream and a life of fulfillment and impact. We embrace a view of education that cultivates lifelong learning at all ages. A quality education might look different for every child and family and we celebrate and support innovation in education that empowers families and recognizes the unique needs, strengths, and interests of every student so that they can reach their full potential

Click Here to Learn about your Educational Options!

¡Haz clic aquí para aprender sobre tus opciones de educación!

Educational Freedom

Policies that create educational opportunities for children have expanded access to high-quality education for families regardless of economic status or location. Educational Freedom has many different forms: Education Savings Accounts (ESAs), school vouchers, tax-credit scholarships, charter schools, magnet schools, inter/intra-district public school choice, homeschooling, online learning, customized learning, and new options yet to be discovered. In Colorado we have several educational options for our children, and we are committed to educating our community on all options as they become available in our state so that Colorado families can decide the education that is best for their students. Parents and families know their children best, and we want to empower them to be able to make the most informed decisions for their children’s education. Check out this Colorado family’s story after they learned about educational options at a LIBRE Institute event.

Lastly, due to COVID-19, educational opportunities and flexibility are being more vastly considered. Public school enrollment is hitting a steep decline as parents look for alternatives to better fit their child’s needs.

Educational opportunities empower Hispanic families to give their children the brighter future they dreamed for them. More opportunity and more options help to better prepare our children to achieve their own American Dream and make their mark in the world.


Our nation has benefited tremendously from our history of welcoming people from all cultures and backgrounds who have come seeking opportunities afforded by the principles of freedom, independence, tolerance and equality that birthed our nation. We believe we ought to welcome all who share the values of a free and open society who wish to make America their home, pursue their own American Dream and opportunity for themselves and their families.

We believe that a strong America is one in which policies support these ideals where immigrants who are willing to work in the United States are able to legally enter the country through a streamlined, commonsense process that also allows American employers to satisfy workforce demand in their markets. Additionally, our country’s safety is strengthened by policies that defend against people that present risks to national safety and does not impose barriers for those who simply want to work.

A free and open society is one of mutual benefit where immigrants not only improve their lives and their future by working and living in the U.S., but where the nation is also benefited by the work ethic, labor, and skills that immigrants invest in the nation.

The LIBRE Institute is proud to educate on the common ground that exists on the topic of immigrants and immigration, celebrate America’s immigrants, and educate and inform our community on immigration policy.

Families from across the world dream of sharing in the promise of America and welcoming immigrants who are motivated to improve their lives, and contribute to society, is mutually beneficial and will enrich America.

Economic Opportunity

Economic Freedom is the world’s most effective tool to promote prosperity for as many people as possible. We believe that a system in which the government grants privilege to no one and everyone has access to opportunity. All people should have the ability to succeed, contribute to their communities, and live meaningful lives—regardless of their starting point. As the Hispanic community invests its hard work, we are dedicated to coming alongside our community to inform them on how to navigate barriers caused by burdensome regulation and government overspending.
These principles of economic freedom are critical prosperity and have proven to help people succeed and flourish wherever it has been tried.

Here in Colorado, we are working to educate our community on the importance of economic freedom in our state and so that we can overcome barriers so that they can achieve their dreams and have a transformative impact in our communities like Ruan in Nevada.

Health Care

We know that healthcare is important to Hispanics, like all Americans. We believe that health care that serves our communities best is health care that is affordable, accessible and responds to the needs of its patients . Too often well-meaning, but ineffective, top-down government solutions provide coverage, but not care for our actual health needs. Because we know that freedom drives progress in healthcare, we strive to inform our community on innovations in healthcare such as telemedicine and bottom-up, free market solutions that are incentivizing health care to meet the needs of its patients.

Hispanics, like all Americans, should have access to high-quality health care they need, when they need it, at a price they can afford—a true marketplace where health insurers and providers compete to offer the best services at the best prices to meet the needs of patients. It is time to explore better health care options that deliver the care our community needs.


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