Launching: Immigration Pop-Up Exhibit Reveals Common Ground on Debate

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Miami, FL – A multi-city, immigration, pop-up exhibit campaign launching in Miami aims to close the divide on one of our nation’s most contentious topics. This unique, interactive installation – called Common Ground – offers an immersive experience revealing the surprising truth behind the debate on immigration. Common Ground will be launching on Oct 3rd in Miami’s Wynwood Art District, followed by an exhibition in Nashville, TN for the Politicon convention. This immigration installation is a project of Stand Together in partnership with Americans for Prosperity Foundation and The LIBRE Institute.

Common Ground is a pop-up exhibit featuring nine unique stand-alone doors demonstrating the common ground we share on immigration. When users open the doors, the exhibit will take them through a journey that highlights how our country has enjoyed unparalleled success through the interconnectedness between non-immigrants and immigrants.

Americans for Prosperity Foundation and The LIBRE Institute believe the partisan divide, on both sides, do not represent the point of view and will of the majority of the American people. Unlike the narrative of division many times seen in headlines, there are strong areas of agreement among Americans on one of the most debated issues. That is why we are fighting against the dominating narrative of division, and instead highlighting our nation’s common ground.

Some are convinced that there is little value in talking about immigration because it’s too contentious and too divisive. This campaign reveals that in reality there are key areas where Americans agree and share common ground and are able to unite around shared values.

The pop-up exhibit will also feature a food truck and live DJ.

We invite everyone to visit the Common Ground exhibit to experience a unique way of better appreciating our country’s interconnectedness and see that it’s possible to find common ground on immigration.

The content above may be attributed to Jorge Lima, VP of Policy for Americans For Prosperity Foundation, if needed.

Where: 2299 NW 2nd Ave, Miami, FL 33127
When: Oct. 3rd – Oct. 4th 12pm – 9pm, and 

Oct 5th – Oct. 6. 11am – 9pm. 
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Where: Politicon Convention
When: Oct. 26th – Oct. 27th

Media Qs: Contact Wadi Gaitan

Additional cities to be announced before 2020. 


Currently, the debate on immigration seems to revolve around the partisan divides. One side is calling for the complete abolition of U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE), while the other side wants to shut down the border.

While these voices generate a lot of attention and sometimes seem to represent a large majority of Americans – we know that is not the truth and our exhibit makes just that case.

Examples from the Doors:

Common Ground: Immigrants make America Stronger:
Story: Sgt. Peralta, who immigrated from Mexico, joined the Marine Corps, where he was Deployed in Operation Iraqi Freedom. He died while under heavy fire, carrying out his mission and defending his fellow Marines. For his service, Sgt. Rafael Peralta was awarded the Navy Cross, the U.S. military’s second-highest decoration for valor in combat.

Fact: More than 500,000 of our veterans were born outside of the U.S. and an additional 1.9 million veterans are the children of immigrants. That’s one reason why more than 60% of Americans agree that immigrants make the US stronger.

Common Ground: Americans Are Frustrated With Our Broken System

Story: A family of legal immigrants who have all followed all the rules are being separated by our visa system. This family of farmers are contributors, loved by their neighbors but are now being divided.

Fact: Americans are frustrated with our immigration system, with 65% saying it is broken.

Common Ground: Americans Agree on need for Dreamers

Story: Three Dreamers share their stories. One is a pastor, one is a mental health counselor, the third a small business owner: they all believe American’s best days are ahead and they want to be a part of it.

Fact: 3 in 5 Americans support a plan that provides citizenship for Dreamers and enhances border security.

Common Ground: Our Immigration System Outdated:

Story: 1990 called: it wants its immigration system back. Users will see a video showing parallels between our outdated immigration system and other systems/technologies that are from the 1990s – but while the other items have been updated, the immigration system hasn’t.

Fact: 70% of Americans believe Congress should prioritize an immigration bill.

After experiencing our pop-up installation, guests will also see this truth: on areas like legal immigration, Dreamers, Border security, and many more, the majority of Americans share common ground.