The U.S. Has an Incarceration Problem

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According to a recent White House study, Blacks and Hispanics comprise over 50 percent of those in prison in our country. This presents an array of problems for society as a whole.

Latinos Know First-Hand Why Socialism Fails

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Due to the recent resurgence of socialism as an economic model dressed up in new terms, scholar Mark Perry has highlighted his 1995 essay “Why Socialism Failed” which examined why the system is flawed in premise as well as in practice.

National School Choice Week 2016

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The LIBRE Institute is a proud supporter of School Choice and we wanted to see how much you know about the subject during National School Choice Week. Take this quiz and see where you stand!

Hispanic Corporations Are People

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In a new graphic from The LIBRE Institute, rates of individual enterprise in the Hispanic population are contrasted with those in the non-Hispanic population to highlight this unique attribute of the Hispanic entrepreneurial community.