Hispanic Corporations Are People

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In a new graphic from The LIBRE Institute, rates of individual enterprise in the Hispanic population are contrasted with those in the non-Hispanic population to highlight this unique attribute of the Hispanic entrepreneurial community.

The Vanishing Summer Job

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Since the late 1970’s, the familiar American teenage pastime of working a summer job between school years has been vanishing at an alarming rate. What was once an easy and common way for young Americans to gain work experience and earn a little spending money for summer vacation is now out of reach for many.

The Changing Face of America’s High School Dropouts

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Fewer students are dropping out of high school today than in generations past, and that is cause for celebration. This is particularly true for Hispanic students, whose dropout rate has fallen dramatically to just under 12 percent. However this trend masks a disturbing reality.

U.S. Latinas Are Taking Their Futures into Their Own Hands

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A quality education is key to achieving the American Dream, and Latina women are increasingly taking charge of their own destiny. Lower educational attainment can be an obstacle in many areas of life, leading to lower employment, higher poverty rates, and lower income, which underscores the importance of education to the wellbeing of the Hispanic community.