Just how much red tape is there, anyway?

Payton Alexander Economic Prosperity

Some things are easier to visualize than others. Visualizing the portion of our income that is taken in taxes, for example, is relatively straightforward. First the money was there, and then it went somewhere else. But what about money that was never there in the first place? As a result of the burden of overregulation, hundreds of billions of dollars …

Are Regulations Making Inequality Worse?

Payton Alexander Economic Prosperity

According to a new study from the American Action Forum, the over $700 billion in regulatory costs imposed by the federal government since 2008 are driving a massive divide between big business and the rest of us.

Why Do Puerto Ricans Fare So Much Better on the Mainland?

Payton Alexander Economic Prosperity

In median income, poverty rates, labor participation, as well as food stamp usage, we find that Puerto Ricans on the mainland fare far better than Puerto Ricans on the island. Still, the ones who use more food stamps are those on the island, not the mainland. The true culprit is not a lack of welfare, but a lack of economic freedom on the island.

No Money? No Attorney.

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In many states across the country, courts are unable to provide public defenders and translators for defendants who can’t afford their own, according to recent research by Pew Charitable Trusts.

Money Can’t Buy Opportunity

Payton Alexander Economic Prosperity

Time and again, politicians in Washington have a habit of falling into a familiar trap: if at first you don’t succeed… just throw more money at the problem. The so-called ‘War on Poverty,’ first declared by Lyndon B. Johnson in 1964, is a textbook example.

Thousands to Rally in Defense of School Choice in Florida

Payton Alexander Education, Florida

In a major demonstration tomorrow in Tallahassee, thousands of parents, students, teachers, activists, and faith leaders are expected to rally in protest of a controversial lawsuit targeting Florida’s private school voucher program, which provides scholarships to children from low-income families.